2019 - 1 Svitavy - concert at Fabrika

Photo by Ivan Bllemby Krejza)


2011-11 Všetice - Wedding
Pleasant wedding in an environment where we once played with Trabandy.
He also got Laco Deczi with a band. They bit into the cake and their harmonica into the klezmer.​


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2011 - 07 - 15 - Poland - Warsaw
Photo by Patrycja and Piotr Kosela

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2010 - 08 Italy - Ferrara - Buskersfestival

TROMBENIK Italie Ferrara 1.jpeg
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2009 - 09 - 05 Warsaw: Singer Festival II. - concert with David Krakauer and his band (USA)
Photo author: Krzysztof Kubanski

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2007 - 05 - 16 České Budějovice:
joint concert with The Klezmatics (USA)

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